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Diversity and inclusion

Our vision is that all workplaces are fully Neurodiverse inclusive.


Many organisations claim they want to be more inclusive but fall short due to an environment that is off-putting, and unintentionally excludes, neurodivergent individuals. Diversity and Inclusion programs that do not consider Neurodiversity are already outdated.


Recognising and embedding Neurodiversity gives organisations the competitive advantage of a self aware and diverse workforce.


Neurovation provides high quality innovative HR, Management and Neurodiversity focused guidance to all organisations.


We want to help your organisation become more inclusive.

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Director & Founder of Neurovation Ltd

Neurovation was founded by Director Laura Bell, a commercially minded, creative thinking, passionate and people-focused senior HR professional with over 17 years HR experience advising business leaders.

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CIPD qualified and with a background in Psychology Laura strives for people excellence within organisations and has worked directly with neurodiverse employees implementing many inclusive working practices. Identifying as Neurodivergent herself, Laura has a fantastic network of neurodiverse individuals and organisations, has collaborated with other Neurodivergent-led organisations and firmly believes the Neurodiversity movement should be led by Neurodivergent people who are best placed to advise organisations on Neurodiversity.


Along with her professional career, Laura has been a Trustee at a learning disabilities charity for over 3 years. 

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